We are pleased to inform you that we are once again organising the CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS PREMIER LEAGUE. The proposed dates for the CAPL Season 2 is 4th, 5th and 6th May 2018.  

There will be 8 teams for the event. The previous team owners shall be given preference in retaining their respective franchise. The preference is to be opted by the previous team owners latest by 16th of April. Reserve price for an existing team franchise is Rs. 11,000/- (Rupees Eleven Thousand Only). In case of any vacancy the team franchise shall be decided by bidding process. 

Only ICAI Members, Articles serving presently under an Chartered Accountant practicing from Ranchi and family members of ICAI Members are eligible for participation in the tournament. The team is to be constituted subject to the following conditions:


Sl Particulars Minimum Maximum
1 ICAI Members Male 7 9
2 ICAI Members/Articles/ Family Members Female 2 4
3 Articles 0 2

All female and male members who are interested in playing cricket are requested to fill the form attached and mail at ranchi@icai.org as soon as possible. We also request our members to forward their family member’s name (Spouse and Children) if they wish to play.

Cut of date for sending form is Wednesday, 18th April, 2018 (04.00 PM). No further names will be accepted thereafter.

The team members will be decided by bidding process by the mentors on Saturday, 21st April, 2018. The players will be categorized according to their past performance and credential.

Members are requested to forward the mail/ format to their interested articles for participation as players.


Thanks & regards.

Yours Faithfully

For Ranchi Branch of CIRC of ICAI

CA. Manish Jain                     CA. Raj Kumar             CA. Ashish Kushwaha

Chairman                                       Chairman                     Secretary

Sports Committee