Results of Election of members of Managing Committee for 2019-22

Date: 10.02.2019

Dear Members,

After the counting of vote today, following members are declared elected the members of Managing Committee of Ranchi Branch of CIRC of ICAI for 2019-22:

Sl. No. Membership No. Name
1 059483 CA. Manisha Biyani
2 426221 CA. Nisha Kumari Agarwal
3 430039 CA. Pankaj Makkad
4 410647 CA. Prabhat Kumar
5 401560 CA. Praveen Sharma
6 413021 CA. Sandeep Kumar Jalan
7 424021 CA. Vineet Agrawal

This is for your kind information.

Thanking you.

Yours faithfully

For Ranchi Branch of CIRC of ICAI

(CA. Surendra Vishwakarma)

Returning Officer/Polling Officer �(9 {�{m){$�{�){$�{e*{$�{�*{$�{]+{$�{�+9 {�{U,9 {�{�h{4�,{$�{M-9 {�{�-9 {E.9 {�{�T{4D�{�.= {�.{(-/9 {�{,�{�/= {��nٽ�