Infrastructure & Facilities

icai-ranchi-buildingBased on Building plan sanctioned by RRDA, the building Committee under the leadership of CA. Naresh Kumar Kejriwal completed our dream project ICAI BHAWAN. The Inauguration of ICAI BHAWAN Ranchi solemnised on 15th December 2009 by the then President CA. Uttam Prakash Agarwal in a grand ceremony witnessed by our Members and Students in large numbers.

We have shifted our Ranchi Branch premises on 1st February 2010 at New Building ICAI BHAWAN Dr. Mukti Saran Lane, H. B. Road, Ranchi in three stored premises. Presently we are running our Ranchi branch office full phases in new building. At ground floor we have our sales counter. In First floor we have counselling facilities, ITT & Orientation Registration, Members Meeting, Chairman Chamber, Conference room cum Library room for Members, enquiry desk.

In second floor we established our Information Technology Training Centre Lab with thirty Computer Systems for training of Students. We are trying to develop this ITT Lab as a best Lab of our Institute.

In third floor we established a Multipurpose Hall for organise Seminars, Conferences Orientation, GMCS and other classroom programme for Members and Students. The capacity of hall is 100 participants.

We appreciate the undernoted members, who volunteered contributed donation for helping construction of our dream Project ICAI BHAWAN:

SL Name Amount
01 CA. N. K. Kejriwal 101000.00
02 CA. S. R. Singhee 75000.00
03 CA. R. K. Garodia 51000.00
04 CA. S. N. Rajgarhia 51000.00
05 CA. K. C. Tak 50000.00
06 CA. V. K. Gaddhyan 31000.00
07 CA. R. K. Kaushal 26000.00
08 CA. M. K. Jain 25001.00
09 CA. B. K. Banka 25000.00
10 CA. A. K. Kejariwal 21000.00
11 CA. Prabhash Kumar 21000.00
12 CA. A. K. Saboo 21000.00
13 CA. R. S. Agarwal 15001.00
14 CA. A. K. Mishra 15000.00
15 CA. A. K. Singhania 11000.00
16 CA. Md. Muzaffar Iqbal 11000.00
17 CA. Praveen Sharma 11000.00
18 CA. Deepak Sharma 11000.00
19 CA. J. P. Sharma 11000.00
20 CA. Ranjeet Garodia 10000.00
21 CA. Anand Prasad 8001.00
22 CA. Rishab Jain 2000.00
23 CA. Presh Jain 2000.00
Total 605003.00